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Based in the port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, KompasQuality Consultants is an independent Fresh Produce quality consultancy, specialized in quality assurance & technical services of fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the supply chain. Our services include but are not limited to Quality Control, Surveys& damage assessments, Quality assurance, Food safety audit solutions, Farm audits & Field QC inspection, Agronomic and Postharvestadvice & support.

Our team at Kompas Quality Consultants consists of a group of fresh produce industry experts with specific areas of expertise who have joined force to offer our clients with a broad range of services under one roof.With a combined of more than 30 years of experiences, Kompas quality consultantsare a group of certified agronomists, fruit technologists, postharvest specialists, food safety experts, ripening professionals, quality control and surveyors who have a wealth of fresh produce experiences working as developmental technical agronomists, field inspection services at production level, postharvest consultants, research and development,quality assurance, technical services, producesafety, quality control, inspections &surveys, fruit ripening, audit and certification quality management systemswith several dominant producers and supermarkets in the fresh produce industry.

With a network of professional certified agronomists,fruit technologists, post-harvest specialist & food safety experts in Europe, Latin America, South America, Asiaand Africa, we offer a broad range of technical consultancy services by providing our clients commitment to quality of service, reliability, high performance, intelligent use of new and existing technologies, sustainability and professionalism.Our experienced and qualified staffs ensure that we provide services that are objective, independent and pragmatic.

Kompas quality consultants works very closely with growers, service providers, exporters, importers, pack houses, cold chain operators and others who are directly or indirectly involved in the fresh produce business in developing their technical capacities by providing full range of agronomic, postharvest handling, storage techniques, temperature management and monitoring, training and food safety consultancy services.

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